This is our story.

We are a brand that brings a new sizzle to the 'fast casual' dining space and our journey to fire up the world has been nothing short of amazing.

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    It was just another ordinary day in the year 1996. The residents of Mpumalanga City, Nelspruit, saw what appeared to be just another eatery in their neighbourhood, and so they had no idea what lay in store for them. Over the next 8 years, we thrived on the love that we got, and we grew and grew and grew! By 2002, we had 8 amazing restaurants defining our legacy.

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    In 2003, we decided to share our delicious treats with the rest of South Africa. With franchisee restaurants open in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu and Limpopo, there was no denying that we were well on our way to becoming an absolute rage!

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    From conquering hearts in Kenya and Ghana in 2006, to reaching the shores of Canada in 2010, Galito’s has travelled far and wide to establish a tradition of superior taste and service, that quite frankly, is unparalleled.

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    By signing a Master franchise license with the Tablez Food Company, which is the food and beverage arm of the multi-billion dollar Lulu International Group, Galito’s set out to develop the brand across the Middle East, Sri Lanka and finally, India.

our food promise

Bold fiery flavours are our style. We're here to bring a new sizzle to the face of fast-casual dining.

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    Focused on fresh

    Our dedication to freshness underpins everything we serve up - from our crispy chicken wings to our fiery Peri Satay.



    The decadence of flavour is embedded in every layer of the Galito's experience.

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    Respect the bird

    From farm to fork and everywhere in between, we closely manage the quality, preparation and presentation of our famous chicken.

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our mission

Fast, fresh, flavour and focus. These four words encapsulate the essence of who we are. Humility and empathy are qualities which are of vital importance to us, and we make sure that we uphold them to the best of our capability. We at Galito's, pride ourselves in serving you the freshest, most flavourful and hygienic food in town! So get ready for some fiery delights!

  • lemon sauce bottle Image
    Lemon & Herbs

    Tasty, tangy and full of surprises, our secret sauce recipe will make you want a second helping… and a third, and if you are really brave, maybe even a fourth!

  • mild sauce bottle Image

    A wise chicken once said “names can be deceptive”. We recommend that you be careful with this one, because you’re right on the edge!

  • hot sauce bottle Image

    Our Hot sauce gives you watery eyes, watery noses and watery smiles. We suggest you keep a glass of water next to you before you try it!

  • xhot sauce bottle Image
    Extra Hot

    Legend has it that, some like it hot. But only the greatest of legends can try our Extra Hot sauce. It’s probably the closest you can get to tasting fire from a bottle!

  • garlic sauce bottle Image

    There's a saying that one can't ever have enough Garlic... but with our sauce, you might just get close the perfect dose.

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